The Eagles Nest Story

The Eagles Nest was built in 1977-78 as a "bachelor's apartment" over a first floor shop/office/garage. It was sold in the early 1990's, and sold again in the late 90's to its current owner, Mr. Chang. Mr. Chang and his family used it occasionally  as a family retreat, but when he relocated to China, and his children went off to college, it was used less frequently. Because he is still fascinated with the area and was concerned with the amount of attention and maintenance that any building requires, especially in the Olympic Rainforest, Mr. Chang decided to share his property with others for their enjoyment. After two years of preparing the building for a lodging facility, we began offering the facility in June of 2012. The response has been dramatic.

The design of the Eagles Nest is quite dramatic. Three gabled glass dormers form the main room of approximately 700 sq. ft. The 240 sq. ft. master bedroom is located off the hall, as is the bathroom. An unfinished attic houses a foosball table for the active crowd, and also provides additional ingress/egress. The first floor is mostly vacant and holds our laundry room and provides storage for equipment. There are no other inhabitants.

The building is located adjacent to our rural primary residence and sits on a high bank overlooking the Bogachiel River. Eagles fly over the river daily, and for the last several years we've had a nesting pair which has successfully raised offspring. It has been exciting to see two adult eagles teaching their young how to fly! Roosevelt Elk are occasional visitors to the yard and adjacent woods, deer browse on their nocturnal trips to our garden and shrubs, hummingbirds (mostly rufous and occasional migrating Anna's or Calliope) often come in flocks, and even a shy bobcat has been seen (there are NO recorded incidents of a bobcat attacking a human). The most exciting wildlife story recently has been the taming of a Douglas squirrel, who can easily be a pest when its dinner isn't timely.

The Eagles Nest has both forced air and air conditioning. In the winter months, or on cool summer nights, a cast iron woodstove offers both heat and ambience. Dish TV and wireless internet help keep guests connected to the outside world (if they wish!). AT&T, T-Mobile and Cellular One customers have excellent coverage. Verizon coverage is spotty, but is quickly recovered off the property.

Whether you have business in Forks or just want a base for exploring the great outdoors, The Eagles Nest is a welcoming environment. You'll feel immediately "at home."